Let's Join Me

In celebrating Evonne's birthday!  Yes it is today...the day that the Lord hath made especially for her :).  It has been such an honor for me to have the opportunity to have worked with her in this beautiful little business that we have.  She is such a great person to work with, so passionate about her work, and incredibly creative.

As a cousin, she is such a beautiful being with a big heart and a wonderful personality, and I am proud to have her as family.  So let's join me in wishing her the very best on this special day of hers.


As you celebrate today,
Remember, God is near
For He is there leading you
Into another year
Know the Lord walks with you
And is always by your side,
He holds the future in His hands
And will always be your guide
So trust to Him the years ahead,
Whatever may unfold
And take each day as it comes
With the blessings that it holds.

Happy Birthday my cuzzie Evonne!

Love you lots,


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