How's it goin, peeps?  It's a wet Thursday here but we love it because it means no haze ;).  We hope you're having a good day too wherever you are.

We found a new love so to say.  Love for Post-It Notes!  Haha!  No not really but we found a craft work idea that had pushed us to look for Post-It Notes in every stationery shop that we had entered.  Haha!  So we decorated them and it was sooo much fun to do!

Enough of the rambling, below is our first Post-It Note Cover that I made a few nights ago.  I used some card stock paper, cut out some patterned papers to cover the front cover, added the "notes" alpha, twinkle them a little with some little gems adhered to 3 little paper flowers...and voila!  It's all done!  Easy peasy.  Still need some guides on how to make it?  I'll probably put up a tute later so check us out often ya ;).

Here's the cutie:

Now I'm making a few more of them...trying some other techniques too.  I'll definitely share their photos with you.  Off to my crafty-wonderland again!  Toodles ;)!

- Susan -


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  2. Maggie, since this is our new product so we're selling at RM5 during this introduction month (3rd Oct till 31st Oct). After the introduction month, we'll be selling them at RM7:). So make your order soon! Hehe..


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