Carnival Sale

Our church held a Carnival Sale last Sept 1st to raise fund for our current new church building project, and the church of St. Barnabas.  So Evonne and I opened up LLC's booth under AYC's wing to help out with the fund raising.

The preparation for this Sale really stressed us out because we only started our preparation about 2 weeks before the Sale!  Eeeeek!!  But after that 2 weeks of hair-pulling-and-nail-biting sleepless nights of preparation, thank God, we managed to pull it through.  We're also thankful to Him for the clear weather that day (even though it's really hot), and with God's help and blessing too we managed to make a good sale *smile of contentment*!

We would like to thank everyone who've helped out in this project of ours, families and friends who've came and supported us (you all know who you are), particularly to join and help in raising fund for the church.  God's willing, with all your help, we would be able to congregate at the new church much earlier than Easter next year :).  I would also like to thank my dearest hubby.  Thank you for lending me a hand when I needed it, for helping to put Xavier to sleep at most nights, and especially for bearing with my unpreferred behavior during those frenzied 2 weeks.  Love you, man!  And tons of thank you to my little man, Xavier, for being such an angel on that day.  Mommy love you heeps!  Muah!

So here's some pictures during the Carnival Sale:

Front View

Proud of this Logo

A small corner to display some of our other Handmade Items.

Thank you Uncle Thomas & Aunty Sturie for letting us display the Guest books we made for you :).

Our new Contacts Book.  Made just the night before the Sale.  Phew!!

Our Decorated Jars, Decorated Frames you can see at the right corner, and some of our A5 sized Altered Notebooks.  These are all new items.

Our Small Altered Notebooks.  One of the Hot Items during the Sale :)

Our Scrapbooks on display.  Love that cute display rack decorated with the small Accordian flower and those magnetic "Welcome" alphas ;).

Another table displaying some more Decorated Jars, Greeting Cards, Decorated Frames, and Small Altered Notebooks.

Our lanterns on one side of the shop.

Our Small and Big Bookmarks, some Greeting Cards, and Decorated Frames.

Our first "company" stamp (stamped behind all our items).  A big thank you to a friend (you know who you are) for making it possible to be ready within less than 2 days.  Hehe.

Our handmade Tissue Box and our Name Cards amongst other displays.

The bookmarks used on books and mags.  Aren't they cute?  Hehe.

Closer and clearer view of the Bookmarks.

Evonne and I with our little helper, Mr. X.

At our store front.  We look tired, don't you think?  We were indeed very tired actually.  Huhu.  And I just noticed we were wearing shoes of the same colour!  Haha!

Resting for a week or two after that Sale, now we have another project in hand which is being held in 2 months time...the Christmas Baazar.  That one will be a bigger scale for us so a lot more preps to do.  Brainstorming have started a couple days ago, and once final decisions are made, we'll gear up to full force for the next 2 months.  May God be with us all throughout.

Till then, keep crafting and God bless.

"But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name be joyful in You." - Psalm 5:11


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