Handmade Guest Books

Hello everyone! 
Remember that one time we made a guest book for our dear friend/cuz, Elsa.. about a year plus ago?...Well, Sue & I dove into that project again! This time it's for Auntie Evelyn & Uncle Thomas's 30th Wedding Anniversary! Their daughter & our friend, Emma approached us and requested us to make two guest books for the big day and she would want a photo of the couple to be included in the guest book! Sue & I made one each and truly it has been such a great joy to make these guest books! To tell you the truth, we almost didn't want to give them away  hahaha! And here are the pictures!

Handmade with love by Sue:

Handmade with love by me:

These are one-of-a-kind handmade guest books. Interested to order? Do send us an email! :)
That's all for now folks! Til then, happy crafting!



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