And the celebration goes on...

...because it's Susan's birthday on 14th October!!! (11 days after mine). October is our month of celebration! Awwwwesome!!

Bet y'all would like to know what I've specially made for Sue, right? Hehe. I did something that I've not done before. I took a big risk as I made it the night before her birthday (last minute creations are always the best haha)!! The idea of a handmade explosive (hehe) exploding box card had been on my mind, looming over my head (imagine a lighted light bulb constantly hovering over my head haha) for the past 2 weeks. To do or not to do? How to decorate it? And the questions go on.. and on... Finally, I went ahead with it...having no plan on how I would decorate it...I let my crafty self loose in my craft room. The crafty havoc that I created in my room was indescribable but so worth the outcome!

Here is the creation *big grinnnn*!!

Handmade exploding birthday box card for Susan :! Tadaa!

On the outer part of the box

Pretty flowers at the side

The inside

Some laughter...

And smiles...

A birthday message tucked inside for the b'day girl

A meaningful verse

The birthday cake :)

Bliss! :D

Along with the exploding box, I altered a stick-on notebook which I bought for Sue as her b'day pressie. I added a scripture verse and a big silver flower and ran a red polka dot ribbon along the book. Here it is:

The stick-on notes come in various sizes and patterns. Cute oh!

Here they are exploding box card & altered stick-on notebook especially for Sue!

Am really happy with the outcome and you all should have seen the sheer excitement on Sue's face when I handed it to her! Am sooo glad she liked it! :D

That's all from me y'all! Have a fabulous day!



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