LLC Project "SATC" (Trifold shutter card) Revealed!

It's time for another reveal! Yippeee! 

As previously mentioned in our recent post, we made a Sex & the City themed card. And this card was ordered by Ms Fiona, who will be celebrating her hen's night pretty soon and thus she wanted an invitation card to go with it. She gave us details on how would she want the card to be and specifically wanted it to be a trifold shutter card. Sue & I had never done this type of card before. Our initial reaction was "Whaaaattt??!!! How in the world do we do that??!?" and pretty much followed by a series of spasms thereafter..haha. After recovering from those spasm moments, we put our craft brains together and went working on it. We managed to get it done after a series of burn-the-midnight-oil-nights! Phewwh! But it was well worth those late night sessions and we're really happy with the outcome of the card (we almost didn't want to deliver it to Fiona, haha)

And so, I hereby reveal to you LLC's "Sex in the City" themed hen's night card.

There you have it! LLC's first ever trifold shutter card! We aimed for a glam look, girly + chic and a pinch of naughtiness. ;) And as much as we've enjoyed making it, we're also extremely glad that Fiona liked the card! Yay!

What do you all think of this card? It's not as difficult as it looks, once you've got your measurements all figured out. Maaaybe, we could come up with a tutorial for this! How many of you would like us to post a tutorial on this? :)


  1. please post the tutorial =D ...btw I am a card-maker visit my blog to exchange link =D

  2. Hi farahD! Thanks for the comment. Awesome, we'll post it up real soon! ;) Your blog is so cool! Would love to exchange links with you!


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