Monthly Crafting - #2

Hi everyone! It's August already??! Yikes! We're so sorry that we're a couple days late for the monthly crafting which we promised on 30th of each month. Well, better late than never right!'s my craft which I did several months back, actually and never got it's appearance til today! Yippee. It's an altered clock. Well, actually there's a story behind this clock. This poor thing had quite a fall (I didn't hook it properly onto the wall..tsk tsk), and it cracked it's head (sounds like Humpty Dumpty hehe)..and the glass which covered its face broke into pieces. I thought that was the last I saw of that clock and it's fate was to be in the dumpster. However, I found out that it was still ticking after the fall (it's ALIVE!!) and decided to give the fella a second chance, hehe. With my creative juices in motion, I patched up the crack with flowers and some lace and added a sticker with a wonderful message, which has never failed to give me that great reminder, every time I look at the time. ;) Well, enough of my story-telling, here are some pictures of my altered clock. Enjoy!

That's all from me! Have a great & blessed day ahead!


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