LLC Projects

Hi everyone! How's everyone doing?

To share some interesting news to all of you, Sue & I have received several card orders which we find pretty interesting & err..verry challenging! It's something we've not done before. It's a teeeeny bit overwhelming for us to see such requests but we're grateful to be given the opportunity & it's an honor to make such cards! Let me give you some hints of what will we be doing… On one card, there’ll be a lot of masculinity going on, the theme is from a very famous science fiction action film based on a toy line (those of you who grew up in the 80s would have watched the cartoon series on TV) and…on the other card…there’ll be a lot of feminity going on. With blings and glam! Think Sex & the City theme!

We shall share our journey of making these special cards with you! (*eyelash batting*) So do drop by our blog to see our progress! ;) The cardmaking journey will begin this weekend! So you’ll be seeing Sue & I…”rolling out” and about, putting our creative juices at work. Keep your fingers crossed that we won’t go rolling in the deep (love that song, by the way) at the end of it all, haha! 

Til then, have a great day!


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