Card Patterns Weekly Challenge # 122 & # 123

Hi there peeps!  Yes, we are posting 2 Weekly Challenges today because we're waaay behind.  They are doing Weekly Challenge # 126 now!!  *biting fingers*

So for Weekly Challenge # 122, I made a very simple Congratulations card below.  This card was actually made out of leftover patterned papers that I used to make the card for Weekly Challenge # 123.  Confused?  Haha!  Don't's just the way we work sometimes.

I used the Weekly Challenge # 123 to make another Congratulation card ordered for a promotion.  I love the outcome of this card and was almost hesitant to give it away.  Haha!  So I made another copy of it to give as a Congratulation card for a couple who got married last weekend.  Hehe!

By the way, LLC's Online Store is going to have another Discount Week soon so look out for our next updates ;).

Happy Wednesday peeps!


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