August Featured Card Maker

Howdy peeps!  We had a little hiccups last Monday so we couldn't get this posting out in time.  Sorry for this.

Anyway, we have our August Featured Card Maker with us this month.  With pleasure, we introduce to you our dear friend, Shuk Jon Pui, or June as we dearly call her :).  June is an Account Executive working with an oil and gas company in town.  Apart from crafting, she loves travelling amongst other things.  And she said that one of her favourite weekend routine is to chill out at Starbucks sipping Cafe Mocha with friends every Friday nights :).

June started making cards when she was just about 18 years old.  Her favourite colour to play with is pink, and she loves to include ribbons and laces in her creations.  Check out her creations below.  They will be available at the store for you to grab ;).


Such darling cards, aren't they?  Hehe.  Give us a shout if you're interested in her cards or wants to know more about her :).

Happy Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

- Susan -


  1. Its out of sight..gorgeous design,colors and theme..!!!!!!HOW can i make my own Plastic business cards


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