July Featured Card Maker

Hi peeps!  Guess what?  It's Friday!  Woohooo!  And today we have another excitement to share.  Starting from this month we will be featuring other card makers once a month.  This idea started when we realize that some of our friends had some hidden crafting talents in them, especially in card making.  So we do this to share with you their lovely work and creativity.

But don't let us confuse you with the Monthly Crafters.  We still have the Monthly Crafters going on and we have the postings on every 30th of the month.  This one here is only for Card Makers, and blog postings on this is on the 15th of every month.  And hey...that's today!  Yippie! 

So here's our very first, and July Featured Card Maker, Roskina Liman.  She is a dear friend of ours who share the same love and compassion for card making.  She works as an Admin Assistant, loves most types of music, and likes to travel a lot as well.  She started trying her hands on card making about a couple of years back and got hooked line and sinker with it.  I admit that I had something to do with it...just a bit.  Haha!  Rose, as we call her, loves to embellish her cards with flowers and butterflies.

Below are her sweet and lovely creations.  They are also going to be available for sale at our online store soon.

Also, today is the last day of our 15% discount offer if you grab 5 items and above in one purchase at the store.  So speed up there if you haven't done so.

Have a great day ahead everyone...and enjoy your weekend ;)

- Susan -


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