Monthly Crafting - #1

We thought it would be nice to have a monthly post on crafting, other than card making.  So this will be an on going thingy and we are going to have Guest Crafters to participate in this as well. The idea is to have this on month-end, so we will post on this on every 30th of the month.  We would probably start some give-aways soon so stay tuned for updates.

And since I got hooked on making..or rather altering..mug boxes into tissue boxes recently, I thought I would just make a start with an altered mug box that I made a couple of nights ago.  It is so addictive!  Ha!

So for Monthly Crafting #1, below are the photos of my 2nd altered mug box...turned into a Tissue Box :).  I am very happy with the outcome..except for the top opening.  It's bent and so far I couldn't figure out on how to fix it.  I probably could use a transparent cellotape to hold it together nicely.  Hmm...I should have thought of that before I took the photos, right?  Oo well...anyway, enjoy what I have here :)

And hey...before you leave, we are going to have an announcement on July 1st so hop on in then to find out what's the commotion is about.  C ya then!

- Susan -


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