It Felt Good...

Evonne and I had our crafting session 2 Saturdays ago, after a very long time.  It felt so good to be back crafting again.  A part of me just felt so lifted high up :).  Here are some photos of the fun session.  As you can see, we crafted at my dinner table again.  I have my guess room cum craft room at the back but it's much spacier to use the dinning table.  Plus, the room looks more like a wrecked ship...hmm...let's just say the room is unfit to be used for the time being. Haha!


We're up to something (hehehe..) and we are definitely going to share it with you soon.  At the moment, we are busy getting all the neccessary done and settled.  Crossing fingers and with some prayers, we'll be able to announce to you latest by end of this week.  Unless otherwise, we'll keep you updated of the good news.

But we're not going to let you leave empty handed.  Until your next visit, below are some sneak peaks of what we're up to.  You're welcomed to guess, scratch your pretty heads, or bite your nails trying to find out what's the surprise.  So visit us often for the next update or announcement, will ya;p

God bless ;p

- Susan -


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