Card Patterns # 120

Hi there again!  It's our 2nd post for today because I promised in my personal blog that I would post a card from Card Patterns weekly challenge.  Hehe...

Here's my take on Challenge # 120.  So happened that I had an order for a friend's sister's birthday card so I used the Challenge sketch to make the card.  The patterned papers were given by a cousin of mine from abroad, and thanks to her (jumping up and down and a retard) I had a load of fun crafting last weekend.

So enjoy the card and have a great Thursday ahead.

- Susan -


  1. Thanks Nurul. You make cards too? If yes, do share your blog with us :)

  2. Your card here looks really amazing. Love to watch them.

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  3. Thanks Anne. Went to your website. Lots & lots of papers!!! Argh..amazing! Maybe we can collaborate one day..:)


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