Altered Year Planner

Howdy folks! How y'all doin'? ;) We know LLC have been MIA for a bit. But no worries people, there's no need to call 911...we're still very much alive and kicking! ;) Hehee...
So, for today, we want to share a project that Sue & I have done about a month ago. We were approached by our friend and one of LLC's awesome supporter, Maggie, to alter two year planners 2011 that she has bought from Popular Bookstore. 
Before getting pimped ;)

One she request to have a vintage theme and the other is a girly one. With much enthusiasm, huffing & puffing moments and oh there's the hair-pulling-moments(!) as well, we craft up these babies...
The after....
Made by Sue:

Made by me...Evonne:

What do y'all think? Should we make more of these? ;)


  1. I think it's AWESOME! Thank You Lovely ladies for getting my planners pimped. haha.. And yes you could do it next year as your new year project.

  2. Thank you for the millionth time Maggie, for giving us this opportunity to explore and challenge ourselves. It was really a great thrill!

    God's willing, we're definitely going to make some more. Hehe...


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