New Year...New Visions...New Challenges!

Happy New Year to you!  Did you have a blast during the holiday and celebrating Xmas?  Evonne and I surely did, despite the cough, and the flu, and the fever.  Yup, Evonne caught the cold 2 days before Xmas and I am still suffering from sore throat since last week.  What a bummer!  BUT...the holidays were awesome ;p.

So's it going with you all out there?  Well...Evonne and I have an announcement to make in Feb!  Yipiiieeeee!!  Hehehe...  It's probably nothing much to others but it is a big step for the both of us.  We feel that we are ready for this, and we pray and hope for a great achievement out of this.  You have been there to support us (you know who you are) all these while, and we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope you'll continue to support us from hereon as well.  This upcoming thing in Feb is amongst other plans lined up for us throughout 2011.  We'd love to have you around to join in the fun with us, so stay tuned will ya ;p!

For a head start, I leave with you a card I made, ordered by one of my colleagues about 2 weeks ago.  It's a congratulations card for the arrival of a baby girl.  I had fun playing with the pearly ribbon/chain..whichever you prefer to call it.  I carved out the baby's image out of a print out, and I add up a couple of dark pink flowers, and adhered them onto the card with a Baby Girl's brads.  I got the brads from a friend.  They're lovely, aren't they?  Hehe...

So gear up, you all!  Get your stuff out and start craftin' coz it feels like it's really going to be a great year ahead!  Cheers!


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