2S4U Weekly Challenge # 64

Hi there!  How was the start of your weekend?  Are you having enough fun?  Did you craft a lot?  Well I for one, sure did.  I made some crafts and birthday cards for November babies.  Two of them I made following the weekly challenge # 64.  Check them out below.

2S4U WC (Laura) # 64
Not For Sale

2S4U WC (K) # 64
Not For Sale

See you soon for the next challenge!  God bless..
- Susan -

Helloww everybody!!

Evonne here reporting on my crafty creations! I'm sooo in the mood for Christmas...hehe and I've started my Christmas cardmaking early (it's actually not that early..time really flies, and next thing you know, it's Christmas! Gasp!). I have lots to make this time round! And here are the ones I made for the challenge:-

2S4U WC (Laura) # 64e

2S4U WC (Kazan) # 64e


Well, that's all folks! Have a beautiful day ahead!



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