2S4U Weekly Challenge # 62

We've just had a couple of days of non-stop raining recently.  I love it so much when this happens; cold and chilly.  Now the heat is back and you just feel like you are going to melt or turn into ashes the moment you go out in the sun!  Sounds a little bit halloween-ny, didn't it?  Hehe. 

Evonne and I are close to getting on par with the 2S4U weekly challenges, after a lot of catching up.  So here are 2 of my cards made.

2S4U WC (K) # 62

2S4U WC (L) # 62

Enjoy your Thursday!
- Susan -

Hey all, Evonne here reporting!

Here are my creations for the weekly challenge....

2S4U WC (K) # 62e

2S4U WC (L) # 62e
Keep on crafting y'all!
God bless. :)


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