We Come in 2

Evonne and I had our first crafty session last Sunday night. Yeay! Yup...I left her alone to "mend the fort" while I was on maternity leave, and she did a great job with the updates and challenges. Since there's a request for some notebooks, so we came up with 2 of them for a good start. I tell you, it was quite hard at the beginning. Impossible as it may sound but I guess after a long haul...I was disoriented for a while. That means I really have to get my crafty engines running again...("Don't Stop Believin'" - Glee's Soundtrack on air).........

Anyway, here we go people...our first notebooks made for 2010.

Left: LLCNotebook (E) RM7 (SOLD)
Right: LLCNotebook (E) RM7


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