Handmade Guest Book

Yeay! We are soo happy that we managed to create our 1st very own handmade Guest Book for our dear friend/cousin, Elsa, for her engagement last January and we are proud to share this creation with you in our post today.

Elsa had requested for us to make a guest book with the theme colour ‘Red & White’. Initially it was quite scary for us as this is our first time making a guest book and we're not sure whether we would be able to find some of the materials for it...such as the wire binding ring, etc. Well...as you can see from the picture, we didn't use the wire binding ring. Not because we couldn't find it, but purely because we haven't got much time (truth is I left the wire binding rings in the office before I left for the holiday...brilliant isn't it **eyes rolling**) and we were struggling with Xmas preparations and myself, preparing anxiously for the arrival of my little baby Xavier. So we ended up using ribbons instead to 'bind' the Guest Book together. However, we are very proud and happy that Elsa and her fiance, Moi, liked the guest book as much as we do :p. Congrats to them once again!

So to those who are interested, you can give us a shout out/call to make an order. We will be much delighted to make a handmade Guest Book according to your desired design:p.

- Susan -


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