Chinese New Year Cards!

Hey everyone! How's your week so far? Well, I had a good time making Chinese New Year cards! They're up for sale...and here they are... :)

All of these cards are priced at RM10 each. They are a result of much patience, passion and perspiration. Hehehee... :p

That's all from me for now...gotta get back to crafting more cards! ;)

Til then, have a great day y'all!


  1. I like the cute tiger u got there! U drew tat??
    One more thing vonne, the wording for the last card actually fits the orange tree!D meaning has something 2 do wif oranges! How did u know? :-)

  2. Wow, lovely cards. You handcrafted them all by yourself?

  3. Hey Jiahang, thanks for your comments. I didn't draw the lil tiger..hehe. I printed that out & paste it onto my card. :) The orange card, I actually cut the image and wordings from an angpow packet. Hehe...there's no way I could read Chinese lah haha!

    Hi there Maeko, thank you! And yes, all these cards are handmade. Do you make cards as well?Btw, feel free to browse through our older posts too! You may come across something you like, hehe. ;)


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