Oh man!

Helloooo everyone! It's Friday already! Wow...a week has just passed!
Well, today, we would like to feature some manly a.k.a masculine cards...hehe. Yes, the testosterones levels are up high today! :P Hahaa!

Here's a rockin' birthday card that was made recently. A friend ordered this guitar themed card & she wanted it in red, black & silver, with the wordings "U rock!" on it. It really was a challenge to make this card especially the guitar. Phewh! ;) Does this card rock? Hehee..

U rock!


Masculine cards can be quite a challenge for us...as our tendency to make cards that are more 'floral-girly-ish' designs are on the high side..hehe. Well, we've cracked our brains & worked those crafty hands and here are some more cards that were made especially for them boys....

Golfer's card and the party goer

Left: LLC#HMC011E(RM10)(SOLD)
Right: LLC#HMC013E(RM10)(SOLD)

The Music dude and True blue
Left: LLC#HMC020E(RM15)

Right: LLC#HMC012E(RM10)(SOLD)

Wish upon a star! and The Grad
Left: LLC#HMC015E(RM15)(S
Right: LLC#HMC016E(SOLD)

21st & 57th
Left: LLC#HMC009E(RM15)(SOLD)

For more enquiries, do e-mail us at livelove.craft@yahoo.com or your can just leave a comment on our blog!

Til our next update, have a great weekend ahead y'all! Live it. Love it. Craft it!


  1. vonne, i like the guitar card! It's d best under your masculine card category..so yeah the card rocks but you rock harder! hehe..

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  3. Haha! Thanks Jiahang! :D Yay...u have a google account already!!

  4. Vonnie....

    Can't believe U posted d card up eh... Looks even better Live... ;p

    He loves it...thannnkkkssss!!!!

  5. Wow thanks Michie!! Glad he loves it!!! Yaaay! Hehee.. ;)


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