Weekly Challenge # 24

Hey there everyone! It's Tuesday...and our Tuesday's challenge are back!! Yay!

So what's up for the first challenge for the New Year? Well, this week, it's about... all things NEW! Be it a new house, new job or a new addition for the family. As for me, I chose to make a 'Congratulations' card for a new born baby. I guessed y'all would know where I got my inspiration from..hehe. Oh yes, it's inspired by Sue's baby boy, Xavier, of course. He was born exactly 3 weeks ago! ;) And here's my baby blue card...

LLC#24E(RM10) (SOLD)

Themed in blue with colourful polka dots, I made used of a gift card and decked the card with big white ribbon and some cute buttons. :)

Well, that's all for now. Have a great Tuesday everyone! God bless! ;)


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