Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Challenge #6

Hi all! Sorry that we're running a teeny bit late this week. Yup, Susan and I have been "running" around a lot a couple days back. And we had a well needed breather afterwards. Phewh! Anyways, for this week, Susan came up with the idea of using handmade paper ribbons for our cards. They look more like twisted strings to me..hehe. Here they are, our "twisted" lil' cards. ;)

Left: LLC#WC6E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC6S (RM10)

Hope they make you smile and celebrate's Fridaaaay! :D

Oh, and Susan also made another card. Here it is:


I just love the pattern paper that she used. Vintage!

I guess that's all folks! Til then, have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Blue

Wilhelmina ordered one birthday card with baby blue colour as the main colour. That was the perfect time for me to use my new journaling pad which I got recently from SNC. It fits perfectly on the small size card ;p. I love the combination of baby blue and pink...soft and sweet.

Enjoy the card below and have a great weekend ahead ;p.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 5

Right on! It's time for another challenge...yippie :p! Alvin suggested for the challenge this week. This time around, the challenge is to make a card with 3 colour combinations; Black, Purple & Pink.

Evonne did hers brilliantly...despite being sleepy. Haha! She told me she made the card after their choir practise, which was around 11pm. But still, she did a great job with the card. I love the placement of the motifs and embellishments.

For my card, I was quite disappointed that I couldn't use the black paper as the main cardstock. I went to look for the paper yesterday afternoon but I couldn't get the thickness that I want. So, I ended up using the purple paper instead. Somehow, the purple cardstock looks blueish in the photo rather than purple...but that's okay, I love the card anyways...hehe.

Left: LLC#WC5E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC5S (RM10) (SOLD)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farewells for Shell

Last week we made orders of Farewell cards. Two cards requested by Amanda Yeo of Shell ;p. She wanted one lady's farewell card (purple/lavender colour), and one man's farewell card (man's normal colour theme). Both at Half A4 size.

We quickly had them both ready by last Friday, and it was exciting for me to finally meet Amanda during lunch at Miri City...yea...we only talked over the phone before this...hehe. Sadly, Evonne couldn't make it that afternoon. So thanks Amanda for your orders, and for your kind comments and support :p.

Below are the cards we made for Amanda and her colleagues. We hope they like it, and hope to hear from her again soon ;p.

Left: (LLC#HMC001) RM20 (SOLD)
Right: (LLC#HMC002) RM20 (SOLD)

Weekly Challenge # 4

Hello everyone! It's time for a Challenge again ;p. Guess what is our Challenge for this week. The challenge is to make a card in white colour. Yesss! All white if possible. But knowing Evonne and I...always got itchy hands one aa...we definitely couldn't resist using other colour(s) as well. Hehehe.

We got the idea for this challenge from...eerrr...wait a minute...where did we get it again? Oowh! Now I got it! We got the idea when I viewed Marlene's blog (D World of Marlene website) and saw one of her divine cardies, and the card was all white with a hint of silver. It was sooo pretty! And it hit me that we've never made an all white card before. So I told Evonne about it and we agreed right there and then to make it as one of our weekly challenges.

Below are our cardies for the challenge. Enjoy the cards, let us know if you're interested in buying, and have a blessed day ahead :p

(LLC#4E) RM15 (SOLD) (LLC#4S) RM10

Monday, August 3, 2009

Groovy Birthday!

Maggie ordered a birthday card for her sister, Sharon last week. It was a last minute order actually...I should charge her extra for that but I didn't...just joking Maggie. LOL! Anyway, I managed to come up with a groovy theme for Sharon and I hope she liked it. Below is the groovy card. Happy Birthday Sharon and God bless you :p!

(LLC#HMC003) RM10 (SOLD)
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