Weekly Challenge # 4

Hello everyone! It's time for a Challenge again ;p. Guess what is our Challenge for this week. The challenge is to make a card in white colour. Yesss! All white if possible. But knowing Evonne and I...always got itchy hands one aa...we definitely couldn't resist using other colour(s) as well. Hehehe.

We got the idea for this challenge from...eerrr...wait a minute...where did we get it again? Oowh! Now I got it! We got the idea when I viewed Marlene's blog (D World of Marlene website) and saw one of her divine cardies, and the card was all white with a hint of silver. It was sooo pretty! And it hit me that we've never made an all white card before. So I told Evonne about it and we agreed right there and then to make it as one of our weekly challenges.

Below are our cardies for the challenge. Enjoy the cards, let us know if you're interested in buying, and have a blessed day ahead :p

(LLC#4E) RM15 (SOLD) (LLC#4S) RM10


  1. Psst Sue...I think we got the idea from Jo. Remember...we had dinner at Banana's & Jo came up with the "white theme"?
    Hehe..if u noticed, we both used the stickers from Pforfularr! The wedding themed stickers. ;)

  2. Is it? Oo ya ho...sorry, my bad. Will do the edit/update again later.

    Yaaaaa ho...Pforfularr! They were sold at the perfect time. Hehe


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