Weekly Challenge #6

Hi all! Sorry that we're running a teeny bit late this week. Yup, Susan and I have been "running" around a lot a couple days back. And we had a well needed breather afterwards. Phewh! Anyways, for this week, Susan came up with the idea of using handmade paper ribbons for our cards. They look more like twisted strings to me..hehe. Here they are, our "twisted" lil' cards. ;)

Left: LLC#WC6E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC6S (RM10)

Hope they make you smile and celebrate coz.....it's Fridaaaay! :D

Oh, and Susan also made another card. Here it is:


I just love the pattern paper that she used. Vintage!

I guess that's all folks! Til then, have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy.


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