Weekly Challenge # 5

Right on! It's time for another challenge...yippie :p! Alvin suggested for the challenge this week. This time around, the challenge is to make a card with 3 colour combinations; Black, Purple & Pink.

Evonne did hers brilliantly...despite being sleepy. Haha! She told me she made the card after their choir practise, which was around 11pm. But still, she did a great job with the card. I love the placement of the motifs and embellishments.

For my card, I was quite disappointed that I couldn't use the black paper as the main cardstock. I went to look for the paper yesterday afternoon but I couldn't get the thickness that I want. So, I ended up using the purple paper instead. Somehow, the purple cardstock looks blueish in the photo rather than purple...but that's okay, I love the card anyways...hehe.

Left: LLC#WC5E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC5S (RM10) (SOLD)


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