Weekly Challenge # 8

Yippie! It's the weekend again...hehe. And as promised, we're putting up another Weekly Challenge and this time the challenge is to make Hari Raya Cards, since Raya is just around the corner...plus, we've never tried making Raya card before. It's kind of funny and interesting at the same time...hehehe.

Evonne's card is sooo grr..eeennn! Yea..that's how she described it to me when she sent me the copy. Haha! But hey...it looks good. It looks modern and cheerful :p! And check out mine...aiyoh...haha! I had to learn to draw the mosque before cutting them out...it's not as easy as it may look, you know. But it was all worth it! Fun! Fun! Fun! Hehe...

So, enjoy the Raya cards below y'all...let us know if you're interested...and Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating! We're just happy it's going to be a long weekend again! Hehehe!

Left: LLC#WC8E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC8S (RM10)


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