Weekly Challenge # 3

Sorry for the late update...it was supposed to be done yesterday...but month-end deadline is really dragging us down. Eeek! Anyways, this week's Challenge is Pop-Up Cards! It was a real challenge indeed because we've never done it before although we have enjoyed viewing those created by other crafters online. The Challenge idea was given by our friend, and church member, Alvin Adam...thanks Bro :p. You're welcome to challenge us anytime...hehehe.

We weren't quite satisfied with the outcomes of our 'masterpieces' but for first timers...hey, it wasn't that bad though...haha! We hope to venture more into pop-ups in future...they're quite fun actually...hehe.

Oo by the way, we have 2 more new notebooks on sale below as well.

(LLC#3E) RM10 (SOLD)

(LLC#3S) RM10 (SOLD)

Left:(LLC#NBS001) RM7
Right:(LLC#NBE001) RM7 (SOLD)


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