We had our Craft Workshop held in the Parish Hall of our church (St. Columba's Church, Miri) last Saturday, November 19th 2011
from 1pm to 5pm.
We were expecting more adults this time around
and we even stated the age limit in our
Registration Form, (12 yrs and above)
but somehow we still have request
from parents that their much
younger kids could join as well.
For crafting sake, we cannot say no.  Hehe...

But above all we had a great time
and feels so blessed with this opportunity.

Evonne did a great job explaining/teaching on how
to create a Trifold Shutter Card.
Whereas my job was to introduce 
and our role in the church and under
the wings of the 
Anglican Youth Council.
I also get to share with them some of the
basic tools used for craft-making
(card-making and scrapbooking).

Our utmost thanks to the clergies of St. Columba's Church
and the youths from AYC, for their continuous support for us.
Only God can repay you all on our behalf.

Till then, enjoy the pics and keep on crafting :p

Just a few preps before starting.

Evonne preparing her sketch of the TS card.

Some of the young adults from Lambir's church.

Mixed group of teens and children...even boys :p


Diana & Magdalene from AYC helped around guiding the participants.

Young adult and teen boy so deep into their work :p

They had a lot of fun using our clear and foam stamps and inks.

All cards displayed

Group photo

Her card was our pick as the best for that day.  She brought back a Gift Box Pack and some embellishments, as a small gift from us.  Congrats Andrea and keep it up!


So we had our first day of the Xmas Baazar last Saturday.
It was nice to see the stall having lots of stuff to sell,
and everyone is so into the Xmas mood.
There were lots of books, Christian themed home decorations,
and calendars.
A gazillion thank you
to Crossway Bookstore in Kuching
for consigning their wonderful stuff to sell,
and supporting this baazar.
May God bless them.
Oo and we even have maruku (Indian snacks)
to sell but of course, those are not Christian themed. Haha!

Anyway, if you have not made your way there, please do so.
The Laksa made by the Women Fellowship
of our church (St. Columba's) is super delicious.
Not forgetting their selections of keropok.
I've got to slow down on my snacking now
but let me finish all the 3 packs of keropok left first! Haha!

On a serious note,
I would like to acknowldege all the ladies
who are involved in the Xmas Baazar
for their help, and commitment
to make this baazar a successful event.
As a small part of the Anglican Youth Council,
Live-Love-Craft would like to
thank you for being so helpful, and committed,
and brilliant human beings.

Here are some pics taken from last Saturday.
Till our next meet,
take good care of yourself,
enjoy life to the fullest,
and keep on crafting.
God bless you.

Books from Crossway Bookstore

Cute Bookmarks made from Ice-Cream Sticks

Bookmarks with Bible verses

Greeting Cards


Christian themed Decor & 2011 Calendars

Pretty Decors

Pretty Tiles with Bible verses

Evonne at work.  Tired but happy :p

Alvin and fellow church friend, Fabian

Our booth/stall

Mr. X helped Lady V in entertaining the customers..hehe.

The hubby lending a hand a bit...

Happy time! :p

View of other stalls

The Laksa stall!  A must go!


4th of September, 2010 is a date to remember.
The St. Columba's Church had it's first Carnival Sale for the year.
So LLC grabbed the golden chance to open up it's own booth.
It's our first!!  Yeeehoohooooo!!
Preparation started early...but so stressful along the way.
We had other things to commit to as well.
Evonne and I chose Magdalene, Adam, Roskina, and Alvin to be in the team.
They were all of great help and they did a superb job!
Love you all to bits!
We sell Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Bookmarks (made with colourful ice-cream sticks), and Crafts Kits.
We made good profit.  Weehehehehe!
Sad but true...Evonne couldn't be there.
However, we had a fun experience added with a great time together.
Praise to God Almighty!
Now, we're looking forward to another booth sale *wink*.
Enjoy the pics below :)


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