PlayStation 4 Handmade Birthday Card


It’s Wednesday & hello to a new day! Are you ready to slay the day?! Let’s do it!

Just to start things off, I’m sharing with you a handmade card that I made for my brother for his birthday (it was in April, LOL!). Ya, it's a late post hehe.. 

Well, my brother's been wanting a PS4 for the longest time and has been tormenting me to buy him one. I couldn’t afford one so I made one for him instead…from paper, that is. LOL! He should be so thankful to have such a creative sisterrr like me! 😜

My attempt to make a  masculine card but I can't help but to have some cute element to it..haha!

The card comes with a pew-pew cat game! Lol!

That’s for today folks! It's time to get our game on! Have a fruitful day ahead!

Much love,


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