Planner Addict: Week 2 - July

Hello planner friends!

We just hit mid-week & it’s a rather tough climb this week. 😌 The brain says there’s much to do but the body isn’t following suit! 😣 Eeek! The struggle is soo overwhelming! There's a constant struggle a storm on an endless rage.. 🌊🌊 Putting that aside, let’s focus on something more calming for the my blue themed planner layout! Lol.

Yes, my planner layout for last week was in shades of blue. I kept it pretty clean & simple. Played around with the circle stickers that I bought from Kaison (my go-to place to find stickers, craft stuffs & home deco!), stick-on notes from Daiso & washi tapes (of course)!

May your day be as calm as the deep blue sea & may the 'storms' be bearable!

Much love,


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