Cake Toppers

What’s a birthday cake without its candles and... nowadays, toppers! 

Recently, I’ve received orders to make cake toppers for birthday & celebratory cakes. It’s a new venture for me & I’m beginning to get the hang of it! It’s a great feeling to learn a new thing & add that in your craft skills list..haha!

Here are a couple of toppers that I’ve made recently..

A 3-in-1 celebration cake topper

For a 10-month of baby boy

A bluesy Happy Birthday cake topper

A pink themed Princess topper for an adorable 5-year old birthday girl

A close-up of the pink princess. 
One of my favourite toppers but a tough one to do so far..hehe. 
I used pink crepe papers & soft mesh for the dress.

A glittered birthday cake topper

Much love,


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