The Star

Hello there!

How has your Christmas preparations been?

It's 2 more days til Christmas! Whoohoo! Some of us may be on our last minute shopping frenzy by now. I can totally relate! Lol! 

In the midst of the busyness and frenzy moments, sometimes we tend to lose track of the real meaning of the season. The purpose of our celebration. The reason. During our Nativity play this year, called 'The Star of Christmas', the main message that was sent through was regarding who Christmas is about? The true star of Christmas is not the presents we find under the tree, or the tree we decorate in our homes, or the star that led the wise men to the manger nor were the angels who told the shepherds of the birth of Christ. The true star of Christmas is Jesus, the little baby who was born that night in a manger… and whose birth should be the biggest celebration for us.

During the play, we had a Christmas tree on stage and instead of putting a star on the top of the tree, a manger was put there to remind us that Jesus' birth is the Star of Christmas. :)

Manger under construction :)

It's done!

The little manger was made out of brown corrugated paper and backed with silver glitter foam, which depicts a starry night and Mary & Joseph (used a mixture of ribbon and crepe paper) looking fondly & lovingly at little baby Jesus, whose bed of hay is made from burlap.

May your Christmas be filled with moments of love, laughter and most of all..Jesus!

Merry Christmas to you!

Much love from us,
Evonne & Susan


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