Keep on hustling!

Hello everyone! 

Yesterday was a public holiday for us here in Malaysia. Yay for public holidays that fall on Mondays!! Which only means a longer weekend and more time for crafting and cuddling on the couch while watching your favourite drama show! Lol! 

Last weekend was a very busy one for me! Had to do the juggling act again. Soon, I can join the circus hahaha. We had the Children’s Christmas Party at Boulevard Mall which I helped out with the decorations of the stage, our new LLC product is finally ready and we had get them ready for sale (hehe!) and last in the list was the opening of the Ionad Café & Point, whereby we had to get the cafe all 'glammed' up for the opening! To divide yourself and your brain into 3 parts is no easy task and to manage your time around these 3 events is pretty challenging & tiring! I even forgotten that I promised to send home one of the youths who had helped with the Christmas Party! Thank God, it was all sorted out without any hassle. Nonetheless, it was all worth the hustle! Most of the decorations we did were DIY, which I really enjoyed making!

For the Children's Christmas Party, we decorated the stage with mainly balloons & stars! We actually ran out of balloons for the stands and we improvised by adding a huge ribbon to the  top of the stand..problem solved! Haha. 

We managed to keep it simple and colourful :) We also did the hand-print wreaths and decorated it with red & gold glittered "berries"! 

The next project was the Ionad Cafe! Our vision for the Ionad Cafe was to go with a rustic concept. I hoped we achieved it hehe. We're really happy especially with the high chairs by the windows that has IONAD Cafe carved on it. It's a perfect spot to have a nice quite time, sipping a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the outside view of the church :)

It was our first time making those marquee letters! Mag & I had great fun making them from scratch..used cardboard boxes, corrugated paper, and lotssss of LED lights!

Another DIY that we did were those Christmas tealight candle holders. The glass, "snow", garland and ribbons are all from Supersave (a local discount store..where you can find anything & everything..well almost haha). We assembled them together and there you have it, a cute candle holder. A perfect little deco for Christmas!

The picture frame project is also a first for us, especially with the arrangements and printing size of the quotes. It took us awhile to get the perfect arrangement and choosing the right quote for the right frame haha! It felt like trying to solve a puzzle coupled with our OCD! We would love to expand our frames in the future, adding more to the current collection and also constantly changing the inside prints of the frames. :)

It was indeed a tiring fact it was a super tiring weekend! Thank God for the public holiday on Monday!! I was able to catch up on my housework & laundry (the house is a complete mess..after deserting it for the past week. Sorry house!)..and also my K-dramas! Time to unwind!

Well, that's my lot on my crafty-busy weekend. How about yours? How did you spend the long weekend? I hope it's filled with lots of creativity & fun! ;)

Much love,


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