Breaking beads

Hi everyone,

I went back to my hometown a couple weeks ago for a much needed break. I just needed rest (total rest as in physical, mental & emotional rest haha). The past weeks have been hectic & oh so stressful..especially at the workplace. And before December comes, which is usually when the hectic days are back, I called myself for a retreat. It's time to rest, recover & reset. And the best place is of course, HOME! 

So, during my much needed break, my mom taught me to do beadwork. She has been beading for quite sometime, well, ever since she retired 3 years ago. Her specialty is making tanggu/marik empang. Tanggu/marik empang is a traditional Iban beaded necklace worn together with the traditional costume especially during special occasions such as weddings and the Harvest Festival/Hari Gawai. 

Well, to tell you the truth, I was never a 'bead person'. I was always the paper person haha. The only thing I like about beads is wearing them lol! I thought it was very tedious to make beaded necklaces. But what my mum taught me was the single thread method, which is superrr easy to learn & do. The tanggu that I made is a modern version of the traditional tanggu.

I got totally hooked for 2 days ('high on beads') and finished my first modern tanggu in a total time of 6 hours! It was so much fun..from the time of selecting & purchasing the beads with my mum, choosing the pattern of the tanggu and finally getting the tanggu done! 

So, this is the finished tanggu!

It really goes well with a white top. You can see the colour pop out more. :) Thanks to my lovely cousin, Latana for being my tanggu model for the day!

I am looking forward to my next trip home during the Christmas holidays. I would love to get hooked on this again & make more tanggu!

Until then, have an awesome Friday!

Much love,


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