Golf Bag Card

Hi everyone!

How have you all been? ;)

I've been having a 'tee-rific' time making a card for my dad's birthday. He's an avid golfer and I thought what a great idea it is to make a golf bag card for him!
So, here it is!

It came out to be an A3 sized card..ya, it's huuuge! I initially planned to have it half A4 size but ended up with a larger one haha! That's the wonder of crafting (well, and life too!) initially have a plan in your head and had imagined the outcome but ends up, the things that you have planned doesn't necessarily come out the way you imagined all along! However, in the end it just works out and everything is all right :)

I hope my post gives you some inspiration for a craftful (if that is even a word!) day ahead!

God bless!

Much love,


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