Sweets for my sweet!

I (Evonne) have been on a "jar altering marathon" for the past week or so! I am soo in need of some craft therapy! I have been on a craft hiatus for some weeks and this altered jar project did help me a lot in my soul healing therapy... Crafting is definitely a great therapy for the soul! 

Altering these jars..they're really easy to do & so much fun! Here are some pictures I took of them. They're great to give a gifts for friends & families..especially those who have a sweet tooth! 

They are available for sale.. Do drop us an email/comment for further inquiries :)


  The altered jars are filled with Cadbury choclairs! Yumms..

A view from the top!

These are the last two that I've made during the "marathon". I decided to use satin ribbons instead :)

Thank you for dropping by! Hope you have a great day & happy crafting!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan


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