Gatefold Cards

After discovering the Trifold Shutter Card's technique, we were still hungry.  Hungry for other types of cards.  And I happened to browse a blog of a lady who's also doing the Trifold Shutter Card, when I saw that she also has ventured on another card type; the Gatefold Card.

Her card was gooorrggeeooouusss, I tell you!  I couldn't take my eyes off of it for about 30 seconds.  Haha!  And I also found out that the technique to do the card is a lot more simpler than the Trifold Shutter card.  I didn't wait long because as we reached home that night, after getting whatever needed to be done in the household, and got the little man to sleep, I headed straight to 'work'.  Within less than an hour, my first ever Gatefold card is almost done.  I only needed to add a large gold ribbon to complete it and was so happy with the outcome after I got the large ribbon (bought it from a craft shop nearby) the next day, and adhered it to the card.  Yippiee!

From then on, I have made another 5 more Gatefold cards!  Here, I am going to share 2 of them with you first.  Enjoy peeps and keep crafting.  Tootles!

P/s  Would you like us to make a Trifold Shutter Card or a Gatefold Card for you?  Email or call or holler us to order with your details, and preferences, and we'll get them done for you ;p

First Card

Second Card

- Susan -


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