Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day Handmade Crafts

Hi! Just dropping by to share with you some handmade crafts that I (Evonne) did for Mother's Day this year! :)

The altered jars made a comeback this year! I made them for Mother's Day last year as a gift for my grandma, mummy and aunties. Here they are...this year's Mother's Day altered jars filled with Choclairs which were available at our box shop at Like-A-Box.. 

In addition to the altered jars, I've also made a pocket flower card for the box shop. I used pink felt flowers which are available at the Golden Dragon store in town. Had fun making this cute thing, hehe :)

And last but not is an altered frame which I did for my mummy. I picked several of my favourite family pictures and put them together in a white frame, embellished it with felt flowers, butterflies, quotes, verses and some bling-blings (one just can't get away from 'em).

My favourite picture of me & my mum. 
I think I was about a year old in this picture :)

My family picture..taken in 2010 during our trip to KL. This was our dinner at TGIF!

My favourite picture of my mum & brother. Having fun with some dinosaurs at 
the Jurassic store in Universal Studios Singapore!

"God's most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Mother's heart" :)

Glad that this gift arrived in Kuching in one piece..phewh! :) Looking forward to make more altered frames soon!

That's all for now from us and do share with us what crafts you did for Mother's Day! <3 span="">

Much love,
Evonne & Susan

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Printables for Mother's Day 2014

Hi all,

I (Evonne) have come across some really great websites/blogs where you can get some pretty cool printables and crafts ideas for Mother's Day and I would like to share them with you
Yup, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, 11th May 2014! (save the date!) and if you have decided to make something handmade for mum..these sites would be of great help! :)

1. Message Gift Box by
You can make a gift box and put in lovely messages, pictures & quotes! Here is a tutorial and the free printable: Message-gift-box

2. Printable Tags by
If you decided to make your mum a card or need a tag to go with a present, here is a site that has some really nice tags! Mothers-day-printable-tags

3. Mother's Day Printable Vase with chocolates by
Yumm..who doesn't love flowers and chocolates! This is a really great idea as a gift for Mother's Day! The most challenging part (for me) would definitely hold that urge to eat up all those yummy chocolates (good luck with that! haha). Here is the link for the tutorial & printable: mothers-day-printable-vase-with-dove-chocolates-free-printable/

4. I Love Mum Matchbox Album by

Here is another great craft to make for Mother's Day..a matchbox album! You can put mini photos of you & your mum or lovely messages/quotes too in the matchbox album..Here is the link for the printable: mothers-day-free-matchbox

That's all for now! We hope you'll have fun crafting something awesome for your mum/grandma/friends who are mothers etc! Do share with us your creations! We would definitely love to see them! :)

Much love,
Susan & Evonne

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