Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FMS #79 & PDCC #175

Howdy all! How's your Wednesday so far? It's our third day into the month of April! Wow, the first quarter of 2013 have just flown by just like that!!? Yikes! *freak out mode*!!!

A few seconds later, after several deep breaths & a big gulp of nice hot coffee (yum)....

..Ok, we're back! Haha. So here's what we wanna share with you to ward off all those 'freak out' episodes away...

Challenges from Freshly Made Sketches & Playdate Cafe this week are..

Lavender, Buttercream & Vanilla...yumm!

And here's the reveal!

Ta-da!! My lavender + buttercream + vanilla creation! I couldn't resist but to add in a lil' bit of 'strawberries' in it haha! It's a birthday card I made for my Aunty, who celebrated her birthday recently! :)

And here is Sue's 'Happy Anniversay' card! Looks yummy-licious! And notice that we're using the same flower that we found on sale during Chinese New Year at Dua Puluh Sen Discount Store! Hehe! :)

That's all from us! Til then, God bless!

Much love, 
Evonne & Susan

Monday, April 1, 2013

FMS #78 & PDCC #174

Hi everyone! A blessed Easter to all! 

How was your Easter weekend? We hoped that you had a great & meaningful weekend...sharing your love & time with family & friends as well as reflecting on the greatest act of love by our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ on the Cross!

We're a teeny bit left behind with the challenges (yikes!), nonetheless, we're trying to get back on track! Time to giddy up our horsies!

Here are the challenges from Freshly Made Sketches & Play Date Cafe..

Amethyst, Emerald & Peridot

Here's my creation..

My attempt on creating a masculine card haha! It's always a tough challenge for me to come up with a 'manly' card as my tendency goes more to pinky-pinks, things that flutter & flowers haha! Anyways, this will be one of the many masculine cards that I will be creating for the days to come..hehe. 

That's all! Have a blessed day!

Much love,
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