Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FMS #74 & PDCC #170

Hellooo! We're back! (a day late..oops!) How was your week so far? It's the last week of February and soon (one more day, to be exact), March will arrive...eeeek!

*Breathe in, breathe out* Let's keep calm and see what we have for our challenge this week from Freshly Made Sketches & The Play Date Cafe  :)

Stone, Buttercream & Denim

And here are our reveals!

Susan has brought back the butterflies..once again! Hehe. Her buttercream butterflies definately popped out of the denim background! Sweeet!

And this is my adorkable 'Hello' card! Haha..

I was knocking myself out (haha) with my new scallop punch from American Crafts Knockouts Border Punch hehe.  

American Crafts Knock Outs Border Punch Starter Kit

An 'angpow' purchase hehe! I bought this baby at See's Scrapbooking Store during my Chinese New Year holiday at my hometown, Kuching! So glad to have finally found a scrapbooking store in Kuching! Yay!

Well, that's all from us for now! Hope you like what you see!

Have a great Wednesday!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FMS #73 & PDCC #169

Knock! Knock! We're back with our challenge reveal! :)
So, here's what our challenges are for this week:

The sketch challenge from Freshly Made Sketches
And colour challenge from Play Date Cafe

Carnation, Mint & Juniper

Drum's the reveal!

My craft this week is an altered picture frame. The frame was purchased from Ikea. And i decorated it with a notecard saying,

"Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly" (so true!) :) 

The punched butterfly & discount store flower (haha) made their comeback as well hehe. I just can't get enough of them, plus they're in the correct colour scheme for the challenge. 

And here is Susan's sweeet card!

She also added some butterflies to her card as well! I guess you can call us butterfly addicts haha..we just can't stop! Haha!

That's all folks! Tune in again next week for some more crafty creations!

Much love, 
Evonne & Susan

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FMS #72 & PDCC #168 Challenges & Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

Hello! It's the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year & we (in Malaysia) are still enjoying our public holidays, yay! But it's back to work for most of us tomorrow. Nonetheless, we still have today to continue feasting hehe!

We at Live-Love-Craft, would like to take this opportunity to wish all who are celebrating, A Happy & Prosperous Year of the Snake! :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Now, back to our challenges, it's that time of the week again! Yay!

For this week, the challenge from Freshly Made Sketches is:
And the Play Date Cafe challenge is:

Cranberry, Raspberry & Petal! Yumm!

And here's the reveal!

A sweet & simple Valentine's Day card! :) 

And that's all from us! Til then, enjoy your holidays & have a wonderful day ahead!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FMS #71 & PDCC #167 Challenges

Hello hello! It's a wet Tuesday in Miri and it's already February! Wow...time does fly or rather it zooms! Soon it'll be Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day too! Yay!

And as usual it's time for our challenge reveal! Let's see what are our challenges this time!

Freshly Made Sketches challenge:
Play Date Cafe Challenge:

Fuschia, sprout & canary
p/s I'm loving the colour challenge this week because Fuschia is my favourite colour!! -evonne :)

And here are our reveals!! :)

Susan made a very sweet "Thinking of You" card with a cute pink flower which we discovered at the Dua Puluh Sen discount store! Those flowers which were meant for Chinese New Year decorations ended up on our cards (we just had to take them off their stems and add a brad to secure the layers)! Haha. And that's what we call creativity, y'all!! Uhuh!

And here is my reveal!

Over the weekend, I made a scrapbook/mini album for a dear friend, Diana who will be leaving us to further her study in Sydney (sob!). Without realising it, I actually used the colours & sketch (sort of) to the challenge this week haha! 

We recently purchased a butterfly layering punch by EK Success. We're super excited with our purchase. It made our hearts flutter with delight! We had so much fun with it hehe! And if you notice, we both used our pretty butterflies in our challenge this week hehehe! ;)

Yup, that's all we've got for our challenges this week! Let us know what do you think of 'em! 

Til then, have a great Tuesday!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan
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