Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 3

Sorry for the late was supposed to be done yesterday...but month-end deadline is really dragging us down. Eeek! Anyways, this week's Challenge is Pop-Up Cards! It was a real challenge indeed because we've never done it before although we have enjoyed viewing those created by other crafters online. The Challenge idea was given by our friend, and church member, Alvin Adam...thanks Bro :p. You're welcome to challenge us anytime...hehehe.

We weren't quite satisfied with the outcomes of our 'masterpieces' but for first timers...hey, it wasn't that bad though...haha! We hope to venture more into pop-ups in future...they're quite fun actually...hehe.

Oo by the way, we have 2 more new notebooks on sale below as well.

(LLC#3E) RM10 (SOLD)

(LLC#3S) RM10 (SOLD)

Left:(LLC#NBS001) RM7
Right:(LLC#NBE001) RM7 (SOLD)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 2

Hola! This week we're choosing something earthy + citrusy...if you may call it that. Hehe. Weekly Challenge # 2 theme is a colour combination, which is White, Orange, and Brown. This week's challenge is suggested by Evonne. She happened to see one guy in town wearing a stripy shirt with these 3 colours combination. The guy may have had the wrong idea as Evonne was staring at his shirt for quite a while! He may have thought that she was staring at him! Hahaha!

We've also posted 2 notebooks for sale below. I think I will have some time to make 1 or 2 more tonight..hehe.

So thanks for your comments and God bless :p.

Left: LLC#2S (RM10)
Right: LLC#2E (RM10)

RM7 each

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here's some info on the notebooks that we make. We actually buy the small notebooks and decorate their front cover as we don't have the binderie machine yet to actually make one on our own. Well, for the love of crafting, it was all worth it ;p.

Below are some of the previous notebooks that we've made. Enjoy and thanks for your comments :p

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Think Green!

Hellooo! We shared the blog link with some friends and colleagues already; still got some more peeps to send them friends, and others outside Miri. We didn't want to rush it so one thing at a time. So far, we've been receiving very positive feedbacks on the blog and our work. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for the comments, ideas, suggestions, and support that you all have given know who you are ;p.

By the way, there's this one particular comment that kind of stuck with us. A colleague of Alvin (me hubby) commented "how come there's no particularly green coloured card there?", and that gave me an idea that a weekly challenge would be a great thing to have in this blog. Agnes Mullie...thanks for the constructive comment. We know green is your favourite colour, so this week's challenge...our very 1st dedicated to you as an appreciation...Think Green!! Evonne and I have made one card each for the challenge...we tried to make it as green as possible, but couldn't help addding other colours as well :p.

Thanks for stopping by God bless :p.

Left: LLC#1E (RM10) (SOLD)
Right: LLC#1S (RM10)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Happy Monday! What you see below are some random pictures of our previous products that have been sold or given out on occassions. Some of them are even dated back in 2007! Lol! Anyways, enjoy our first intro of cards made ;p.

Thank you for your comments :)

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