Monday, May 17, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge # 52

I am solo this week...and last week as well in the Challenge as Evonne is tight up with the upcoming church's choir concert this Wednesday evening, and she has just moved in to her new place yesterday.  She's been running around like a Speedy Gonzales recently, I must say.  So, best of luck Vonne...go break a leg!  Haha! 

Here's my card for the Weekly Challenge # 52.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Beginning!

After some time, we thought it would be a great refresher for our card-making business to take up something new.  We've been following this one blog 2Sketches4You, for quite some time already and have always loved the sketches they put up for challenges.  Not to mention the cards from other crafters who took up the challenges...simply divine!  So, we decided we'd join the Weekly Challenges starting this week.  Weehooo!  Below are our cards made for 2S4U's Weekly Challenge # 51.  Enjoy;p!

LLCWC - Susan (from 2S4U Week # 51)
Price = RM10 (SOLD)

LLCWC - Evonne (from 2S4U Week # 51)
Price = RM10
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