Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding Card

Hi Peeps!  How have your week been so far?  I hope it's got some crafting involved.  I for one, finds crafting is a must at least twice a week.  Once doesn't keep me sane enough to go through the whole week.  Haha!  For the daily challenges and the stress-bound stuff that I am facing constantly, I need to craft often.  Oo..crafting and praying.  This combo will shoot your energy, motivation, and sanity level easily up to 70%, I tell you!  Haha! 

But please, don't take what I've said all in.  This is just what's best for me personally.  I believe you have yours...and please, do share them with us (Evonne and I) if you don't mind.  We would love to know what boosts your motivation and your energy...and your sanity too *wink*.

So I made a very simple Wedding Card ordered by our friend, Magdalene during the last week of May.

I used some card stock, patterned papers, and some glitter and 3-D stickers, and corner punch.

I love the simplicity of this card yet there's a dash of elegance in it too.

So there you go, peeps.  Enjoy the rest of the day.  Tomorrow the weekend will start creeping in already.  Yippie!  Hehe...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exploding Box Card

Put on your full safety gear and your hard hat on because this box is about to "explode"!!  Haha!  Just kidding.  But it IS called an 'exploding box card'.  Haha!

Evonne and I had tons and tons of fun everytime we made one of these.  It looks complicated but actually it's one of the easiest cards to make, not to mention, one of the most fun to make.  But they're all fun, aren't they?

Here's one that I made for my colleague and friend, Connie, who celebrated her birthday last month.  It took me 2 nights to create this and it was an amazing experience.  I couldn't wait to finish it, and I could actually finish it in one night, but I would definitely have woken up to puffy eyes and have eye bags the size of a coin pouch!  Haha!  But once it was done, I didn't want to give it away already.  Huhu!  Then again...this is always the case for Evonne and I.  We love all of our creations.  We put all our love and care to all of them and they are all equally special.  Hence, the hesitation to let go.  Huhu..

I'm going to smudge this blog with my tears already!  So let's get on with the photos.

Side/Front View.  Patterned papers by various designers, stock cards in pink colour.

Top View.  Those paper flowers, foam rose petals, and the velvet leafs were bought from a local florist.  3-D butterfly sticker from Heidi Grace, alphas from American Crafts, and mauve coloured recycled paper from a craft shop in KK.

View of Inside of Box.  4 or 5 columns for you to play with.

You can use those small note cards envelopes and adhere them on one of the columns to insert your personal notes if you want.  Otherwise, you can just create your own one sided small envelopes. 

There rest of the photos are of the other columns.  3-D stickers from Heidi Grace and other designers (I've forgotten..hehe).  Paper flowers, foam flowers and velvet leafs from local florist, some given as gifts and some are bought from other places.

What an "explosion", don't you think?  Hahaha!

- Susan -

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thousands and thousands....

...of apologies to you, our readers and customers out there.  You must have thought that we've closed down or something.

We are very sorry that we have misled you with the very long absence of activities and updates.  We will not state the reason of the long silence but we do want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your constant support and words of concerns. 

Anyway, there's updates coming up and more cards and other crafts we are going to share with you.  Moving forward, the online shop is also still operating.  You will see more stuff on sale other than our cards...a continuation of the current crafts materials that we're selling.  So stay tuned.

In the mean time, we are still here :).
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